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We have a variety of lasers for laser hair removal treatments, which enable us to treat every skin and hair type safely and effectively. All our lasers can be used on any area of the body, and usually require no anesthesia. Even sensitive areas such as the upper lip, areolas and bikini line can be treated easily and with minimal discomfort.

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Excellence Hair Transplant & Laser Center is back bringing Skin awareness to even more people than before.


We’re all born with healthy skin, but certain factors damage our skin throughout day-to-day life, meaning it can happen at any time. We’re all susceptible to UV damage which isn’t always visible to the naked eye. Many of us have caused damage or premature ageing to our skin without even knowing, the most serious of which is skin cancer (melanoma) with over 200,000* new cases diagnosed each year.


Excellence’s Skin care Aware campaign is designed to help protect, prevent, hydrate and correct past and future skin damage & premature ageing. The team are giving away free skin scans throughout the campaign to prove their commitment to your skin health. A skin scan is a quick and easy way to take a deeper look at the health of your skin to identify areas of sun damage (pigmentation) and dehydration



Fast,safe & effective Laser hair removal treatment in Vadodara

Laser Hair Removal

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At the Excellence Laser Center Vadodara, we offer the latest laser hair removal treatments that permanently reduce body & facial hair. Prevent the re-growth of hair, freeing you from the inconvenience of painful waxing or shaving and the constant worry of unsightly hair. Our clinics are using cutting-edge medical grade lasers that are Removal to achieve the best results.

Contact us with any further questions you may have about our laser hair removal treatments. Our knowledgeable staff in our vadodara clinics will book in your free consultation to discuss your target areas and schedule.

Excellence Hair Transplant & Laser Centre, Vadodara

World Class Laser Hair Removal in Vadodara

skin-treat-14-new.jpgWe deliver first class hair removal and skin treatments in our Excellence Hair Transplant & Laser Centre Vadodara.

True Laser Hair Removal

We are well known for our laser hair removal procedures because we only use true laser hair removal technology and not IPL. We find that our clients achieve more effective results this way.

For anyone seeking effective and visible hair removal on any area of their body, laser hair removal can provide liberating results for both men and women, so you can stop shaving and waxing any enjoy smooth, hair free skin.

Specialist Skin Treatments

Not only this, but we also offer a wide range of specialist skin treatments including Anti Ageing treatments, Laser & IPL treatments Facial treatments, Body treatments and other Enhancement treatments. Many of our treatments can be carried out within the hour, in a clean and safe environment.

Free Patch Test and Consultation

The Premier Laser Clinic is waiting for your call today, so why not book a free and no obligation consultation in your nearest clinic. We also offer a free patch test and consultation, so you can fully understand the treatment and get to know our friendly staff.

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Laser Hair Removal using various light emitting devices for the treatments


LightPod Laser

LightPod NEO is a highly powerful and compact Nd:YAG 1064nm laser. No skin cooling is required. It is cleared use for laser hair removal, spider veins removal, age spots, rosacea treatments, fungus laser treatments, pigmented spots, scar reduction, rosacea and other treatments.

LightPod lasers are ideal for use in:

  • Physician Offices
  • Medical spa treatments
  • Multiple practice locations

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Intense Pulsed Light is an advanced light-based technology developed to provide variety of aesthetic treatments to patients including hair removal,  facial treatments such as acne and rosacea.

Intense pulsed light is safe and highly effective

Treatment method for many aesthetic procedures performed today including hair removal and photofacial.

IPL – Laser Hair Removal process

Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) work by converting light energy into heat. The light targets the area that contain melanin –  pigment  in hair and skin. When the light encounters the areas with pigment, it converted into the heat which selectively heats and destroys the hair follicles.

IPL Different Wavelengths for Different Treatments

Intense Pulsed Light emits many different wavelengths of light and these different wavelengths are effective for use on different targets such as hair removal, acne, rosacea treatments and skin tightening. IPL can be used for any Facial Hair Removal and Body Hair Removal IPL treatments except area around the eyes.

The treatment of different targets (rosacea, pigment spots, hair or acne) is accomplished by filtering the light source to emit only the particular wavelengths chosen for their level of effectiveness on the treatment target, for example  hair removal,  acne or rosacea treatment.

For example, chromophores-the substances in skin which reflect color such as age spots, freckles and mottled appearance of sun damaged skin – require a treatment that utilizes light filtered to include lower wavelengths from the available output spectrum. Hair removal requires a higher wavelength that travels deeper into the skin to target the pigmented root of the hair follicles. Rosacea treatment requires wavelengths that travel deeper to target vessels.

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laser hair removal: latest techniques and advancements always you want


Excellence Laser Hair Removal provides the latest techniques and advancements when you want quality laser hair removal in Vadodara.

With safety as our highest concern, Excellence Laser Hair Removal offers the confidence you’ve been searching for at a price you’ll love! When it comes to laser hair removal in Vadodara, our trained technicians are among the best in the Laser Hair Removal. Friendly and experienced are among some of the qualities you will find in our laser hair removal service staff. Your skin care is just as important to us as it is to you and we strive to prove this every step along the way.

Our Laser Centre offers High Quality LASER Treatment and is sure to provide you with the least amount of discomfort and the highest level results! Don’t settle for electrolysis from another med spa or salon that promises great results but falls short in your expectations. Let our laser hair removal centre show you what commitment and dedication truly look like!

With Excellence still being the premier source for laser hair removal in Vadodara, we are proud to announce that we are now offering skincare treatments. Check out our services menu to learn more. Visit www.excellencehairtransplant.in

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Factors That Influence the Typical Cost of Laser Hair Removal


The size of the treatment area and the laser hair removal system that is used will influence the cost of your laser hair removal procedure. Typically, smaller treatment areas, such as the face and bikini area, are accompanied by the lowest laser hair removal prices, while larger areas, like the legs and back, cost more. When considering laser hair removal, however, it is important to remember that the length of treatment varies, and most patients require four to six sessions to permanently reduce hair growth on the face, legs, back, arms, bikini, and other areas. Because of this, laser hair removal prices are often discounted when multiple sessions are purchased at once. This can be an effective way to maximize results while minimizing expenses.

Though the cost of repeated treatments can be high, there are often options available for laser hair removal financing.

Laser Hair Removal Financing

Unfortunately, because of laser hair removal is an elective procedure; insurance companies are unlikely to cover the cost of treatment in most instances. For that reason, many patients have been reluctant to pursue treatment, believing that the out-of-pocket cost of laser hair removal was beyond their means. There are, however, alternatives to paying for the entire course of treatment up front.

No matter which area of the body you are interested in having treated, financing options are available to make the procedure more affordable. The typical cost of laser hair removal is extremely reasonable when patients take advantage of the many convenient payment plans offered at most cosmetic surgery centres. Below, you will find further information about the different financing options that are available.

Affordable Laser Hair Removal: Financing Options

Many laser hair removal procedures require multiple treatments to provide the best results. Though, in the long run, laser hair removal can prove to be less expensive than other forms of hair removal, the cost can still be difficult for many patients to afford without assistance. In addition to most providers offering discounted package prices for the purchase of multiple treatments, t here are also many financing alternatives that patients can utilize to offset the cost of laser hair removal. Most providers will accept payment with most major credit cards, and many Laser and cosmetic surgery centers provide in-house financing and installment plan options. In other cases, credit from independent financing companies affiliated with the specialist can be a means of obtaining affordable laser hair removal.

Applying for Cosmetic Dermatology Financing

Most providers will be more than happy to assist patients in determining the best course of financing and guide them in the actual application process. In most cases, whether utilizing the doctor’s own installment options or requesting assistance from an independent lender, patients can apply for financing in their treatment provider’s office. The response is generally instant, allowing patients the freedom to proceed with treatment as soon as they wish so they can start enjoying the benefits of laser hair removal treatment.

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