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Excellence is one of the top Hair Transplantation and Laser hair loss treatment center in Vadodara having surgeons with years of experience and vast knowledge in the field of hair transplantation techniques and their expertise will surely help you in treating any degree of baldness by using surgical or non-surgical methods for hair transplantation (whichever suits you the best).

We make use of the latest technologies and formulas, infuse our long years of experience in understanding the rudiments of the problem, and offer the treatment accordingly. This ensures that you receive the right treatment that is bespoke and tailor-made only for your particular type of problem.

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Fast,safe & effective Laser hair removal treatment in Vadodara

Laser Hair Removal

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At the Excellence Laser Center Vadodara, we offer the latest laser hair removal treatments that permanently reduce body & facial hair. Prevent the re-growth of hair, freeing you from the inconvenience of painful waxing or shaving and the constant worry of unsightly hair. Our clinics are using cutting-edge medical grade lasers that are Removal to achieve the best results.

Contact us with any further questions you may have about our laser hair removal treatments. Our knowledgeable staff in our vadodara clinics will book in your free consultation to discuss your target areas and schedule.

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World Class Laser Hair Removal in Vadodara

skin-treat-14-new.jpgWe deliver first class hair removal and skin treatments in our Excellence Hair Transplant & Laser Centre Vadodara.

True Laser Hair Removal

We are well known for our laser hair removal procedures because we only use true laser hair removal technology and not IPL. We find that our clients achieve more effective results this way.

For anyone seeking effective and visible hair removal on any area of their body, laser hair removal can provide liberating results for both men and women, so you can stop shaving and waxing any enjoy smooth, hair free skin.

Specialist Skin Treatments

Not only this, but we also offer a wide range of specialist skin treatments including Anti Ageing treatments, Laser & IPL treatments Facial treatments, Body treatments and other Enhancement treatments. Many of our treatments can be carried out within the hour, in a clean and safe environment.

Free Patch Test and Consultation

The Premier Laser Clinic is waiting for your call today, so why not book a free and no obligation consultation in your nearest clinic. We also offer a free patch test and consultation, so you can fully understand the treatment and get to know our friendly staff.

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Melasma Treatment


Say Goodbye to Brown, Splotchy Skin!

Have pregnancy, birth control pills, or heredity left you with brown patches of uneven-toned skin? You are not alone,million women live with melasma, a condition in which brown pigmentation (melanin) appears on the face, and can even create a mask-like appearance. For many patients melasma can cause a loss of confidence and even anxiety or depression.

Laser treatment – the most effective way to treat melasma

Results may vary: Melasma is hormone-related and can be resistant to treatment. Usually, patients can expect to see a dramatic improvement in skin tone after laser therapy, but there may be need for additional future treatments, particularly if hormones fluctuate in the future, such as with an additional pregnancy.

What is melasma?

Melasma is a chronic condition, most often triggered by pregnancy, the use of birth control pills, or hormone replacement therapy. It also seems to run in families, and is more prevalent among Latina and Asian women.

Melasma can be a difficult condition to treat, and using the wrong device for your particular type of melasma can actually make the condition worse.  This is why it’s important to choose a physician who is experienced in treating all forms of melasma and has invested in a variety of laser technologies to address the condition.  The right tools in experienced hands make all the difference in the world when it comes to treating your melasma.

Modern laser technology

Lasers have truly revolutionized treatment for melasma.

This laser treatment penetrates the skin at a shallow depth, targeting the layers where much of the unwanted pigment from melasma resides.  It is a good choice for both initial treatments and maintenance therapy, with treatments usually spaced about one month apart.

For the more aggressive treatment of melasma ReStore Dual laser, which is the gold standard for sun damaged skin.  Its energy penetrates deep into the skin, eliminating the skin cells that cause melasma while protecting the skin’s outer layer. Dual laser treatments are usually performed monthly for a three or four month period.

The laser can target melanin in the deep dermis, making it another option for the treatment of melasma.  This laser is especially useful when treating patients with darker skin, as its long wavelength provides a safer and more effective treatment.  It treatments are usually provided in a series of visits, spaced two to three weeks apart, and are often used to supplement the great results from Dual laser.

Intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments can also be helpful in some cases where the pigment from melasma is found in the epidermis, the upper most layer of the skin.

Depending on your skin and the type of melasma you have, our Laser Treatment expert will get to know your skin and identify the most effective options for you.

No matter which regimen a patient follows, strict sun avoidance and the use of a high quality sunblock are mandatory to decrease the risk of melasma returning and its severity.

Look like yourself again


With Excellence Laser Center’s approach to melasma treatment and management, you will look like yourself again. Best of all, you’ll have a new confidence when you’re out and about, knowing everyone can see the real you.

*Results may vary: Melasma is hormone-related and can be resistant to treatment. Usually, patients can expect to see a dramatic improvement in skin tone after laser therapy, but there may be need for additional future treatments, particularly if hormones fluctuate in the future, such as with an additional pregnancy.


Sebaceous Hyperplasia


Is your skin plagued by bumps and enlarged pores? Sebaceous hyperplasia may be to blame.

Put your best face forward

As you’ve gotten older you may have noticed enlarged pores, or bumps or flesh colored or yellowish elevations appearing on your skin, most likely on your forehead, nose, or cheeks. You are not alone.  Many men develop sebaceous hyperplasia, a skin condition marked by enlargement of the oil glands, as they age.

Sebaceous hyperplasia is a problem that we can solve

Now A day the most up to date and effective treatments available to combat sebaceous hyperplasia.

Laser and light therapies — a game changer

In the past, most sebaceous hyperplasia patients were treated as if they had acne. But it’s a new day –– the most effective treatment for sebaceous hyperplasia is the use of lasers and light therapy. And at Excellence, we have the most effective and widest array of options available to get your skin under control.

Take charge of your skin with the latest innovations in treating sebaceous hyperplasia.

What are my options?

SmoothBeam is often used in treating sebaceous hyperplasia.  This diode laser delivers a special wavelength of energy deep below the skin, stimulating collagen and smoothing the skin’s surface.

Another option is the application of dichloroacetic acid (DCA) to each individual lesion. A series of carefully performed treatments can make annoying facial bumps fade away.

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is another treatment that begins with a deep cleansing or skin resurfacing to prepare your skin for the application and absorption of Levulan, a light sensitizing gel that is placed on the treatment areas prior to targeting the glands with a laser and/or a light. The glands absorb the heat from the laser and reduce in size, sometimes with long-term suppression of the oil glands. A variety of tools such as blue light therapy, intense pulsed light (IPL), pulsed dye laser, or LED light may be utilized, depending on the goals of therapy.

A series of laser and light therapies are typically required to produce long-lasting results.  Be transformed — both inside and out

*Results may vary: sebaceous hyperplasia typically requires a series of treatments to see best results, and may require long-term prescription medications or laser/light therapies to maintain skin clearance.

Rosacea Treatment

rosacea-treatment-dublinLaser and light therapy — today’s best option for rosacea treatment

Does rosacea make you hold back in work or social situations? Worse yet, does it lead others to make assumptions about you? Rosacea patients are often embarrassed when friends joke that their red facial skin must be caused by excessive drinking.

Many of our patients have battled rosacea with creams, gels and heavy makeup, but found little or no relief. That’s why the Excellence’s team is thrilled to offer the most effective treatments available, including the laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy. Used in combination with medication, laser and light therapies can dramatically reduce unwanted redness, spider veins, and bumps.

 What happened to my skin?

We don’t know what causes rosacea, but it usually strikes people in their thirties and forties. Most often it causes persistent redness; spider veins (telangiectasia), and bumps on the face. It can also irritate the eyes and other parts of the body, and tends to run in families. Left untreated, it can cause thickening of the skin and knobby bumps on the nose.

Early intervention is key when dealing with rosacea — it’s important to diagnose and treat it as early as possible to stop the condition from worsening.

Laser therapy is fast, comfortable and effective, with little to no downtime required. Because each patient is unique, our expert physicians will carefully choose the right laser or combination of lasers and medications to gets your skin looking its best again.

What treatments are available?

A pulsed-dye laser delivers an intense but gentle burst of light to undesirable blood vessels on the surface of the skin, resulting in reduced redness and a more even complexion.

IPL is a noninvasive treatment that uses high intensity pulses of visible light to improve the appearance of rosacea. Our patients are thrilled with the results of this very safe treatment, and because the top layer of skin remains intact, no downtime is required. IPL is often used in combination with Laser beam.

The Laser system creates a gentle beam of light that penetrates deeply into the skin, targeting unwanted blood vessels.  The laser beam is preceded by a short burst of cooling cryogen spray, which protects the outer skin and makes the treatment comfortable.  It is especially helpful for deep blood vessels on the nose and can be used in combination with the Vbeam laser or other treatments to dramatically improve the symptoms of rosacea.

In photodynamic therapy (PDT), a topical photosensitizing agent called Levulan is applied to the skin and then activated with specialized lasers and light sources. This treatment is well tolerated and noninvasive.

Making results last

Rosacea is a chronic condition and requires ongoing management following treatment. Many patients find it helpful to avoid certain “triggers” such as sun exposure, certain foods, or alcohol, and to follow an effective skin care regimen including sunblock, gentle cleansing, and moisturizing.

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Frequently asked questions about rosacea

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic (or long-term) disease that affects the skin and sometimes the eyes. The disorder is characterized by redness, pimples, and, in advanced stages, thickened skin. Rosacea usually affects the face; other parts of the upper body are only rarely involved.

Not all that is red is rosacea — other skin conditions like sebaceous hyperplasia, broken capillaries, and spider veins can sometimes be mistaken for rosacea, so it’s important for your physician to consider other causes of redness when before a diagnosis is made.

Who gets rosacea?

Million people have rosacea. It most often affects adults between the ages of 30 and 60. Rosacea is more common in women (particularly during menopause) than men. Although rosacea can develop in people of any skin color, it tends to occur most frequently and is most apparent in people with fair skin5.

What are the causes of rosacea?

Doctors do not know the exact cause of rosacea but believe that some people may inherit a tendency to develop the disorder. People who blush frequently may be more likely to develop rosacea. Some researchers believe that rosacea is a disorder where blood vessels dilate too easily, resulting in flushing and redness.

Factors that cause rosacea to flare up in one person may have no effect on another person. Although the following factors have not been well-researched, some people claim that one or more of them have aggravated their rosacea: heat (including hot baths), strenuous exercise, sunlight, wind, very cold temperatures, hot or spicy foods and drinks, alcohol consumption, menopause, emotional stress, and long-term use of topical steroids on the face.

Patients affected by pustules may assume they are caused by bacteria, but researchers have not established a link between rosacea and bacteria or other organisms on the skin, in the hair follicles, or elsewhere in the body.

What are the symptoms of rosacea?

There are several symptoms and conditions associated with rosacea. These include frequent flushing, vascular rosacea, and inflammatory rosacea.

Frequent flushing of the center of the face — which may include the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin — occurs in the earliest stage of rosacea. The flushing often is accompanied by a burning sensation, particularly when creams or cosmetics are applied to the face. Sometimes the face is swollen slightly.

A condition called vascular rosacea causes persistent flushing and redness. Blood vessels under the skin of the face may dilate (enlarge), showing through the skin as small red lines. This is called telangiectasia. The affected skin may be swollen slightly and feel warm.

A condition called inflammatory rosacea causes persistent redness and papules (pink bumps) and pustules (bumps containing pus) on the skin. Eye inflammation and sensitivity as well as telangiectasia also may occur.

In the most advanced stage of rosacea, the skin becomes a deep shade of red and inflammation of the eye is more apparent. Numerous telangiectases are often present, and nodules in the skin may become painful. A condition called rhinophyma, characterized by an enlarged, bulbous and red nose also may develop in some men.

Some doctors will prescribe a topical antibiotic, such as metronidazole, which is applied directly to the affected skin. For people with more severe cases, doctors often prescribe an oral (taken by mouth) antibiotic. Tetracycline, minocycline, erythromycin, and doxycycline are the most common antibiotics used to treat rosacea. The papules and pustules symptomatic of rosacea may respond quickly to treatment, but the redness and flushing are less likely to improve. That’s where lasers come in.

How is the eye effected?

In addition to skin problems, up to 50 percent of people who have rosacea have eye problems caused by the condition. Typical symptoms include redness, dryness, itching, burning, tearing, and the sensation of having sand in the eye. The eyelids may become inflamed and swollen. Some people say their eyes are sensitive to light and their vision is blurred or otherwise impaired.

Doctors usually treat the eye problems of rosacea with oral antibiotics, particularly tetracycline, doxycycline or topical medicines. People who develop infections of the eyelids must practice frequent eyelid hygiene. The doctor may recommend scrubbing the eyelids gently with diluted baby shampoo or an over-the-counter eyelid cleaner and applying warm (but not hot) compresses several times a day. When eyes are severely affected, doctors may prescribe steroid eye drops.

Be transformed — inside and out

With Excellence’s approach to rosacea treatment and management, you will look like yourself again. Best of all, you’ll have a new confidence when you’re out and about, knowing everyone can see the real you.

Results may vary from patient to patient. Rosacea is notoriously stubborn, but advances in laser and light therapy over the past 5 years have made rosacea treatment significantly easier and more successful. A combination of laser/light therapy to treat flares, as well as medications or light-based therapies to prevent flares, is usually required for long-term maintenance of clear skin and to prevent rosacea’s disease progression. Your consultation will include discussion of how to limit and prevent your symptoms, based on your individual rosacea case and medical history.

Skin Conditions


Laser and light therapy — the answer to controlling your chronic skin condition

Millions of Peoples know the frustration of living with chronic skin conditions. Rosacea, melasma, sebaceous hyperplasia, and hyperhidrosis (also known as excessive sweating) can cause persistent symptoms at any age that leave patients feeling self-conscious. Living with one of these chronic skin conditions can result in depression, low self-esteem, or social isolation. It may even hold you back professionally.

While topical and oral medications are usually the first line of defense, these approaches only lessen symptoms and minimally improve overall appearance of the skin. At Excellence we offer you treatment options that are the most effective means of controlling your chronic skin condition –– laser and light therapies that get to the heart of the problem. Proven to transform the appearance of skin that has been altered by a chronic skin condition, laser and light therapies are fast, comfortable, and life changing.

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Treatment options for every symptom-optimal results


The V-Beam Perfecta, Starlux IPL and GentleYAG laser are excellent tools that help reduce redness caused by rosacea. Noninvasive, they give gentle bursts of light that are absorbed by the unsightly blood vessels caused by rosacea, reducing persistent redness and creating a more even complexion.  The bumps and acne-like lesions commonly seen with rosacea are treated with topical and oral medication prescribed by our physicians, who will also discuss lifestyle modifications that can reduce the severity of your rosacea symptoms.

Brown patches

Dual Laser for the newest innovations in melasma treatment. Melasma, often triggered by a combination of sun exposure and hormonal changes, appears as brown patches of pigment on the face, neck, chest, and sometimes on the arms.

Another excellent lasers treatment is option for patients struggling with melasma, especially for those with darker skin types.  This target melanin in the deep dermis, and like many of our laser treatments, is often used in combination with topical Laser to enhance and maintain results.

Strict sun avoidance and daily high-grade sunblock is essential for anyone living with or being treated for melasma.

Skin elevations

Flesh colored or yellow-white skin elevations on the face, neck or chin associated with sebaceous hyperplasia are really enlarged oil glands that affect both women and men in middle age. Targeting the glands with Smoothbeam laser or topical dichloroacetic acid treatments reduces the size of elevations. These treatments can be combined with lasers to resurface and improve the overall texture of the skin.

Excessive sweating

Hyperhidrosis is a common condition that interferes with daily activities and can make life intolerable. The good news is those todays there are treatment options for excessive sweating that include simple injections and noninvasive laser treatments like Axilase and Ulthera.

For most patients Botox Cosmetic is an excellent treatment option. Safe, comfortable and requiring no downtime, injections of Botox help disable the sweat glands for up to six to nine months.

Axilase is a fast, minimally invasive, one time laser therapy that diminishes the number of sweat glands by using laser wavelengths to destroy the sweat glands that are then gently removed from the treatment area.

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